• Mexico Beach is...
    Photos: Bill Fauth


Welcome to our humble slice of paradise! Our logo has two beach chairs facing the ocean. No words are needed to explain the laid back, easy-going attitude that is our community. Mexico Beach is referred to as 'Mayberry on the Water' by a local realtor. That is meant as a compliment due to the small-town, family-friendly atmosphere. Truer words could not have been spoken. As you walk down the street, everyone says hello. As you drive down the street, everyone waves.

The latest Bureau of Economic and Business Research from the University of Florida (2014) has Mexico Beach listed as number 68 in percent change in population from the 2010 Census. That is compared to all municipalities in the state of Florida! Our location next to the white sandy beach attracts many visitors during the spring and summer. Our City of 1,072 full-time residents swells to well over 10,000. All you have to do is spend one night in Mexico Beach....you will be back!


To preserve, protect, and enhance our community's quality of life creating memories for the generations who live, work, and play in our piece of paradise.


Mexico Beach is engaged in providing residents and visitors thorough quality services, while protecting our natural resources and maintaining our small town coastal atmosphere.