Water Recreation

Numerous fishing opportunities exist in Mexico Beach. Whether you like to fish on shore, the pier or out in the gulf, this is the place for you.

MBARA (Mexico Beach Artificial Reef Association) is one of the strongest organizations of its kind in the state of Florida. The organization, with the assistance of the City, obtains grants and their own funds are raised to add artificial reefs. This provides for a habitat for all kinds of fishes and increases the fisherman's enjoyment of the sport. Go to www.mbara.org for more details.

  • No vehicles allowed on the beach. This includes vehicles on wheels, runners or cushion of air
  • No animals allowed on the beach. This includes dogs & horses
  • No fires, bonfires or fireworks on the beach
  • No glass on the beach
  • No overnight camping on the beach
  • No motor driven floating devices within 300 feet of beach
    Such devices are a jet ski, wave runner, personal watercraft or other vessel propelled by machinery. Depart the sandy beach perpendicular to shoreline at idle speed
  • Leave No Trace Ordinance
    Mexico Beach is a Leave No Trace Community. That means unattended items left on the beach between the hours of 7 PM and 7 AM may be discarded

  • No dogs, cats or animals on the pier
  • No diving from pier
  • No launching boats from pier
  • No throwing articles from the pier except fishing tackle
  • No swimming, riding surfboards, operating boats or occupying water within 50 feet of pier
  • No use of motorized vehicles, bicycles, skateboards or rollerblades
  • No open flames, glass bottles, sleeping or camping on the pier
  • Do not cast your line where sea turtles are surfacing to breathe. If one is entangled, call Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC)

  • Idle speed for watercraft in channel and canal system
  • No swimming in the canal
  • Do not discard fish carcasses, unused bait, garbage or any other materials which could cause environmental damage

Protect the Turtles
Mexico Beach is proud to provide the highest level of protection for nesting marine turtles and their hatchlings in our community. The City has adopted standards for existing artificial light sources and new coastal construction.

In addition to these standards, there are many steps visitors and residents alike can take when enjoying our beaches to protect these beautiful creatures.
  • Don't disturb a turtle that is crawling to or from the ocean or laying eggs. Watch from a distance of at least 30 feet
  • Avoid shining lights on the beach at night as this may frighten away nesting females and, interfere with the hatchlings ability to find the sea
  • Avoid walking or cycling in nesting area
  • Avoid walking on the beach dunes
  • Don't disturb nesting seabirds
  • Don't litter. Cigarette butts, fishing line and other trash can harm the animals and birds along the beach
  • Rearrange lamps and other moveable fixtures away from windows
  • Use window treatments (e.g. blinds, curtains) to shield interior lights from the beach
  • Turn off unnecessary lights